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Queen of Tarts - www.queenoftarts.co.za
Queen of Tarts - www.queenoftarts.co.za
Queen of Tarts - www.queenoftarts.co.za

Queen of Tarts - www.queenoftarts.co.za

Queen of Tarts - www.queenoftarts.co.za

Tarts - Queen of Tarts - www.queenoftarts.co.za

The Queen of Hearts, she ate some tarts, all on a summer’s day…

This book is a seasonal fiesta of mouthwatering sweet and savoury tarts with delicious fillings, toppings, drizzles and brulees.

I am hoping that it will become the very first reference you turn to when baking for every occasion. All the recipes are simple, easy and totally delicious – and there are 10 easy scrumptious pastries recipes to add to your baking repertoire.

Happy baking and cooking!

Jampacked - Queen of Tarts - www.queenoftarts.co.za


Cook with the seasons

and fill your pantry with mouthwatering relishes, pestos, marinades, rubs and sauces that will add layers of flavor to your favourite dishes. Jampacked is crammed with easy, clever ideas for year-round culinary inspiration.

Celebrate - Queen of Tarts - www.queenoftarts.co.za


is all about putting some swing in your entertainment style, and the inspiration solution for everyone who longs to be the perfect host.
This new book by Tina Bester of Queen of Tarts (who has already authored two successful cookery titles) shows you how to have fun when entertaining. Recipes for different occasions are included, ranging from drinks with delectable snacks to an alfresco picnic feast, an indulgent supper for friends and a glamorous garden party. Even the most sophisticated recipes featured are easy to make. Gorgeous images and table-setting suggestions are also part of the package. Available from Yuppie Chef and Queen of Tarts for R165 incl. VAT. (See inside)

"This is the ultimate tool in any hostess’s party-planning artillery.

Tina’s beautiful collection of celebratory menus gives me a whole lot of wonderful new reasons to eat, drink and make merry. "Sumien Brink - Taste Magazine

Comfort - Queen of Tarts - www.queenoftarts.co.za


is filled with recipes that offer the culinary equivalent of a lovely long hug. Divided into five chapters that offer inspiration for any meal and every kind of hunger or craving (from sweet breakfast treats to the best savoury soups and one-pot suppers), Comfort embraces nostalgic favourites and gives them a unique modern twist.

Indulge in heartwarming classics like creamy oats with fried banana, learn how to make fail proof French onion soup and take note of a plethora of oh-so-easy recipes for soulful suppers and decadent desserts. This is a book that invites the reader to cocoon at home and prepare hearty, wholesome food for the ones they love.(See inside)

Available from Exclusive Books, selected Woolworths stores, Yuppie Chef and Queen of Tarts for R150 incl. VAT.

Bake - Queen of Tarts - www.queenoftarts.co.za


consists of a series of easy-to-follow recipes, with mouthwatering images to inspire you to create easy-on-the-eye sweet and savoury feasts at home.

The book is divided into six sections ad includes recipes for biscuits to fill up the cookie jar, savoury specialities such as the perfect roast chicken pie, an extensive selection of sweet tarts, cakes and meringue creations and essential recipes for fail-proof breads and buns.

The recipes and instructions are tried-and-tested, uncomplicated and oh-so-easy to achieve, with snippets of no-nonsense advice from creator Tina Bester. Bake takes the fear factor out of this timeless tradition and celebrates the joy that a pretty iced cupcake, still-warm savoury tart or just-baked loaf of homemade bread can bring.

Available from Yuppie Chef and Queen of Tarts for R165 incl. VAT. (See inside)

Fun - Queen of Tarts - www.queenoftarts.co.za

Fun in the kitchen...

is the book that will get children into the kitchen and inspire a lifelong love of food and interesting flavours.

Girls will love the sparkling recipes in this delightful book. Wave your magic wand and discover a world filled with dainty fairy doughnuts, shimmering necklaces to eat, the lightest angel clouds and much, much more.

Follow the easy peasy steps to make yummy food for a party, sleepover or the funniest tea party in town.

Available from Exclusive books and Queen of tarts for R50 incl. VAT.

Queen of Tarts - www.queenoftarts.co.za


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